Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well it's been a while. So sad Miss California gat fired anyway, I'm sure she will do well.

WOW so many interesting and sad things happening. Don't know where to start?
I spent my time in the Military so i can feel for what's happening in Iran so sad but hopefully for a good end result. Interesting how much more we get to see what is happening with all this new technology.

All these Icon deaths WOW. Ed Mcmahon great icon but he was old and this is part of life the comming of the end, maybe he had financial troubles but he had a hell of a great carrer and lifestyle many of us envy.
Farrah Fawcett What a pretty, now she was not really old but she was young either, still very sad and such a awful slow way to go. Interesting to see all the interesting information about all these icons when they die. I think she was awesome.
When I die if i have the choice I want to go like Billy Mays did you do your normal things, go to bed, and never wake up. I know it is tough for the family but so is a slow painful death just slow and painful difference.
By the way I thought Billy Mays was a fantastic success for what he did. I don't know what kind of guy he was, but I want to think he was cool, I have heard many nice comments about him. Since I am and have been a salesman most of my working career he was most definitely one of my idols.
Michael Jackson probably the greatest example of how success and money are not necessarily happiness. There are many comparisons between Michael and Elvis ( who was my era and my Idol) even though the music was different. Their successes were similar, their fame was similar, their screwed up lifestyles were similar, their drug abuse was similar and their untimely death was similar. I wonder if they are singing in heaven together?


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