Sunday, June 22, 2008

For the contest post your story here! just click on the comments the enter your story.
Try to keep your story to between 250 to 2500 words or somewhere close to that.
You do not have to leave your contact information on the story, but you will need to send me an email identifying you with your story. immediately after posting the story.


At June 26, 2008 7:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is probably not the greatest story. but here goes.
I was out to my friends birthday party and we had a wonderful time. As the nights festivities came to an end, it was time to leave.
my friend walked me to my car, as I was walking I noticed a car with someone sitting in it, but did not think to much about it. My friend and I exchanged pleasantries then I was on my way home approximately a 15 to 20 minute drive. about 10 minutes into the drive I noticed these headlights following every turn i make so I started making extra turns just to see if they would follow and sure enough they did, when I went around in a circle and I knew I was being followed. Then I became scared. When I get home I have to walk to the house outside and besides, I don’t think I want this follower to know where I live, so what do I do?
Finally I decided even though it was in the other direction I drove to the police department and I did not see him after that. I was still afraid to leave thinking he may be waiting somewhere.
I went in and told the Police and they followed me home.
This was a very uncomfortable feeling and the though of having some kind of weapon did defiantly enter my mind.
That’s my story! thanks for reading

At July 1, 2008 2:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyway, I saw that you are looking for a story and here is my story, the reason why I came looking for a Taser! My name is Terri and I went to the movies with a friend, it was the late show in a small theater near the outskirts of town, sort of an industrial area, no residential homes. anyway, we stayed to watch the credits then used the restrooms and ended up being the last people to leave the theater. We had to park so far away from the theater because of all the cars that were there when we first arrived, now, the parking lot was deserted, I think the workers must park in the back. So as we are walking toward the car, a big guy (everyone is big to me : ) started walking out into the parking lot from the side of the building where the alley is, towards our car! We were worried right away because there were no other cars out there, just ours and so there was no reason for him to be walking out there! we kept walking and started trying to figure out what to do, should we run to the locked car? should we run back to the locked doors of the building? Should we try and call the police? I snuck my cell-phone out of my purse and tried to feel for the numbers to call 911, I did not want him to see what I was doing and I think I ended up dialing 622 instead of 911! So we ended up making it to the car, I started to put my keys into it and suddenly he put his hand on the crack of the top of my door and kept me from opening it! I just stood there, scared and he asked what movie we saw, if we liked it, did we get popcorn or candy bars and other stupid questions, the whole time I just stood there, keys in the door, staring at my car window and he kept asking stupid questions. Then he reached out and touched my shoulder where my purse strap was and I almost started screaming at the top of my lungs but just then MY GIRLFRIEND says to him "back the hell up before I drop you on this pavement"

We both slowly turned to look at her and she stood there, glaring at him with a small black and silver "thing" in her hand. she pointed it at him menacingly and again told him he better get going. He started to say something about "that's not a stun gun" when she said "boy, I am about to put 40 thousand volts of electricity into you and when you wake up, you will already be cuffed in the back of the police car" she told me to hold up my phone and in a timid voice I told him I had dialed 911 when we first saw him. He took another look at us and the item in her hand and he took off running and was gone by the time I started breathing! We both jumped in the car and got out of there so fast, that was certainly the most scared I ever remember being! When we got home, she showed me her "stun gun". It was her cell phone, with a lighter pressed against it at the bottom... I am not sure how she pulled it off, but she did. Her just pretending to have a stun gun gave her more confidence than I ever saw her have before. Now I am convinced that I need to have one. a REAL one. I do NOT want to be a victim, next time I will be prepared.


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